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Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) cultivation kit

The cultivation of shiitake mushroom on pre-prepared composed substrates, such as Shiitake mushroom cultivation kits, is used in the majority of commercial mushroom-growing facilities all over the world. However, it is less suitable for outdoor cultivation because such prepared substrates are much more sensitive to the environmental conditions than massive wood used for shiitake mushroom cultivation.

Shiitake mushroom cultivation kit contains substrate colonized with shiitake mushroom mycelium packaged in a sealed bag with a filter patch that allows gas exchange for the running spawn to breathe (Picture 1). Shiitake mushroom spawn resembling cheese mould is initially white in colour and becoming brown with maturity. Once at least half of the mycelium colonizing the substrate turns brown, the bag should be removed.

ponudba-gojenjegob-kompleti-5Picture 1: Shiitake mushroom cultivation kit before removing the bag

Afterwards, it is necessary to provide the conditions required for the mushrooms to develop. Places such as basements, garages or barns are most suitable for growing mushrooms (Picture 2).

ponudba-gojenjegob-kompleti-6Picture 2: Shiitake mushroom flush from white ÔÇťimmatureÔÇŁ substrate in an old basement

Alternatively, a simple mushroom growing set-up can be made and used inside the apartment. The most common are small tents made of plastic sheeting with a damp sand base (Picture 3) and large plastic containers with damp sand in the bottom and covered with a plastic film (Picture 4).

ponudba-gojenjegob-kompleti-7Picture 3: A home-made tent for shiitake mushroom cultivation

ponudba-gojenjegob-kompleti-8Picture 4: A large bucket is also suitable for shiitake mushroom cultivation

Such set-ups can be placed even in the living room or, better, among house plants. In this environment, mushrooms will appear within a few days, depending on the temperature (slower growth at lower temperatures).

Illustrated instructions are included in each kit.

Mushroom cultivation using this kit is suitable for complete beginners!