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Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Mushroom cultivation kits are the easiest and most convenient way to cultivate mushrooms. Everything needed is in the kit and all that has to be done is to provide some basic ambient conditions and the mushrooms will start to grow.

The kits contain a substrate colonized with mushroom mycelium, which has to be placed in a room with high humidity, slight ventilation and some light provided. Under these conditions, mushrooms will start to grow from the substrate soon.

Mushrooms grown on these kits are usually harvested three times at intervals of up to one month, depending on the cultivation conditions. Afterwards, the mycelium might have exhausted the substrate that starts to decompose. However, if at the end of the harvest the substrate is still sturdy enough, it can be further used for mushroom cultivation on wooden stumps or logs.


ponudba-gojenjegob-micelj_na_lesenih_cepkih-10Shiitake mushrooms

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