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This product contains the following mushroom species

MycoMix®Onca – for cancer patients

This blend of medicinal mushrooms is intended for cancer patients as adjuvant therapy to aggressive conventional therapies and surgical procedures. MycoMix®Onca consists of thre mushroom species, Ganoderma lucidum, Lentinula edodes and Agaricus blazei, which are among medicinal mushrooms clinically proven to be the most potently effective against various types of cancer. The mixture strengthens the immune system, thus reducing the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, as well as decreases the level of tumour markers. Therefore, MycoMix®Onca helps fight cancer and tumour cells indirectly as well as directly.

MycoMix®Onca is the result of many years of research and development carried out by our team and in collaboration with various research institutions at home and abroad. Moreover, the composition of MycoMix®Onca and the ingredients used were formulated with the assistance of our clients, in addition these mixtures have been tested and optimized over the years. Only the most effective medicinal mushroom blends, verified by our own experience and the experience of our clients, are now readily available. One of these is MycoMix®Onca, which has been successfully used by our more demanding clients for a number of years to help treat severe chronic diseases.

All the ingredients contained in the blend are produced according to the principles of organic production in our facilities to our own formula. The entire process is carried out independently in our own facilities, from the initial fungal culture cultivation in aseptic conditions, substrate preparation, mycelia and mushroom cultivation and drying to the extraction of the ingredients as well as the final product packaging. Thus, we can completely guarantee that the product does not contain any contaminating moulds nor pesticides and heavy metals, which are readily absorbed by wild mushrooms from their natural environment. The product is produced entirely in the European Union.

One to three teaspoons two times daily, consumed with sufficient water.

200g of powder

The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.