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Cordyvit®K Plus

This product contains the following mushroom species

Cordyvit®K Plus – Cordyceps mushroom extract in capsules

The extract of the Cordyceps mushroom is intended for more demanding individuals with a faster pace of life. Due to the extraction process, Cordyvit®K Plus concentrate contains remarkably high amounts of biologically active compounds. However, during the extraction, in which the boiling and drying of mushrooms is required, a small quantity of the compounds is destroyed. Therefore, Cordyvit®K Plus has a somewhat narrower spectrum of action than Cordyvit®, which contains non-processed, ground dry Cordyceps mushrooms.

Due to the convenient packaging, Cordyvit®K Plus capsules are easily consumed. Only cellulose capsules of organic origin are used, therefore the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Cordyceps may help to:
  • strengthen the body,
  • support immune system,
  • invigorate the body,
  • support energetic alertness and the immune system by delivering antioxidants,
  • increase performance and endurance of a heavy exercise or sports activity (EFSA-Q-2008-3859)
  • neutralize free radicals (EFSA-Q-2010-00343).

Three capsules two times daily, consumed with sufficient liquid after a meal.

Pregnant women should consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist before consuming the product. The product is not recommended to be used immediately before bedtime.

90 capsules of 500mg