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This product contains the following mushroom species

Cordyvit® – Cordyceps mushroom food supplement

The product Cordyvit® consists of ground Cordyceps mushrooms devoid of any ingredients of animal origin, as opposed to products from wild mushrooms. It is recommended for athletes and other active individuals, taken after prolonged physical exertion, as well as for those who wish to be more actively involved in everyday tasks.

The entire product is made in the European Union without the use of any chemical preparations, according to the principles of organic production, and is appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

Cordyceps may help to:
  • strengthen the body,
  • support immune system,
  • invigorate the body,
  • support energetic alertness and the immune system by delivering antioxidants,
  • increase performance and endurance of a heavy exercise or sports activity (EFSA-Q-2008-3859)
  • neutralize free radicals (EFSA-Q-2010-00343).


One to two teaspoons two times daily with sufficient liquid.

The product is not recommended to be used immediately before bedtime.

Pregnant women should consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist before consuming the product.

100g or 250g of powder